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Mineral filler for soil - what it is and benefits for agriculture

The mineral filler for soil is one of the most important items in the agricultural activity. It is obtained through the fine grinding process of limestone, a sedimentary rock with a high concentration of calcium carbonate.

When is mineral soil filler used?

Limestone filler is used to correct soil acidity. Due to its composition, it is able to raise the PH and neutralize the toxic effect of aluminum and manganese. This type of limestone is indicated for soils with low levels of calcium and very little magnesium. One of the great benefits of filler is that it provides a high acidity neutralizing capacity.

What are the advantages of applying mineral filler for soil?

It is no coincidence that filler limestone is so widely used in agriculture. While it balances the soil's PH, it offers a host of other benefits.

Increases nutrient availability to plants

One of the great advantages of mineral filler for soil is the increased availability of nutrients for plants. Such substances are essential in all stages of cultivation, from seed germination to harvest. Limestone mainly increases the amount of calcium and magnesium. These minerals act in the following situations:

  • Good root formation;

  • Maintaining adequate levels of sucrose, which generates a greater amount of sugar in the stems and fruits;

  • Structuring the cell wall of the plant, making it more resistant over time;

  • Better transport of nutrients to plants.

With regard to nutrients, another aspect of mineral filler is that it favors the availability of phosphorus. This is another essential component for crop development and productivity.

Increases the productive capacity of the soil

The success of the harvest depends entirely on the conditions of the soil. The productive capacity is determined by the existing amount of nutrients and by the care taken in the preparation stages. The use of limestone filler provides the best conditions for the land to deliver its maximum potential.

Stimulates root growth

When mineral soil filler is used to neutralize acidity, another benefit is the correct development of the root system. This directly interferes with the ability of plants to absorb water and mineral salts. The smooth progress of this process is essential at all stages of cultivation.

Favors the effect of fertilizers

For the fertilizers used in agriculture to have a good effect, it is essential that the pH of the soil is balanced. Due to the limestone filler's high neutralization capacity, it contributes to these agricultural items presenting the best results.

Reduces toxic elements to the soil

Two of the most damaging elements in soil are aluminum and manganese. The reason is that they bring great difficulties to the absorption of nutrients by plants. The neutralizing action of limestone filler acts precisely on these substances.

Decreases soil compaction

Reducing soil compaction is one of the most important factors in increasing fertility. The more compact the soil, the worse it will be for the development of the plantation. By making more nutrients available and improving the biological conditions of the soil, limestone filler reduces compaction and makes the land more productive.

Increased resistance to diseases and pests

As mentioned, the calcium provided by the mineral soil filler strengthens the plant's cell wall. This process makes the crop more resistant to pests and diseases. In addition to providing a more productive harvest, this factor is of great importance for the environment.

Good soil conditions also depend on careful use of sustainable elements. This attention is essential to keep the soil fertile over time and free of chemical items that can harm agricultural activity.

Get to know Brasilminas mineral filler for soil

In addition to knowing the results offered for agriculture, it is necessary to have a mineral filler for soil that presents high performance. This care guarantees fertility and excellent development for the plants.

For more than 70 years offering products that increase productivity in plantations throughout Brazil, Brasilminas has consolidated experience in the agricultural sector.

Because agribusiness changes so quickly, it is necessary to constantly innovate to offer the most innovative products to producers. This is our mission.

Contact us and learn how filler limestone increases the productive potential at all stages of cultivation.

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