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Dolomitic limestone: What is it and what is it good for?

Dolomitic limestone is crucial for the productivity of your crop. It is no coincidence that this mineral additive is so widely used in plantations throughout Brazil, whether they are small, medium or large. Check out this article and see in detail all the benefits it offers.

Why is dolomitic limestone so important in agricultural production?

The essential function of dolomitic limestone is to recover the soil and provide the best conditions for planting. The good development of the plants and the yield of the harvest depend totally on this preparation phase.

As much as the agricultural activity requires speed, the rest of the soil and adequate preparation are essential to guarantee fertility. This recovery process using limestone is called liming. Although it is considered a basic technique, liming is one of the most essential practices to guarantee the best results in agricultural activity.

Dolomitic limestone balances acidity

This type of limestone corrects soil acidity, making it more conducive to the availability of essential nutrients for plants. It is composed of adequate levels of calcium and magnesium, two essential elements to reduce acidity and improve soil quality.

It is recommended that this correction occur 60 to 90 days before planting. In this way, the high concentration of nutrients will make the plants present the best performance in all stages of cultivation. In addition, this concentration of nutrients makes the soil and plants more resistant to different external factors (periods of little rain, pests, etc.).

5 benefits of dolomitic limestone for agriculture

By providing balanced levels of calcium and magnesium, dolomitic limestone generates several benefits for the soil. Each of them is what guarantees the success of the harvest.

1 – High concentration of nutrients

Dolomitic limestone makes the soil more fertile. This happens because when correcting acidity, there is naturally greater availability of essential macro and micronutrients for plants.

According to Embrapa data, the most relevant macronutrients for plant development are: nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, potassium and phosphorus. As for micronutrients, the most important are: zinc, manganese, boron, chlorine, copper, molybdenum and iron. All of these nutrients make up plant food.

2 – Increased pH

By neutralizing acidity, the positive effect of dolomitic limestone also acts on the pH balance of the soil. By influencing the growth of vegetables, this factor is totally related to productivity. In addition to pH care being necessary before planting, they are essential to maintain the best soil conditions over time.

3 – Elimination of toxic elements

The use of dolomitic limestone helps to remove elements that are toxic to the soil. Two of the main ones are aluminum and manganese. This is essential to ensure plant health and keep the soil fertile.

4 – Improvement of soil biological conditions

When dolomitic limestone and other minerals are used in soil preparation, there is an immense gain in terms of biological conditions. These conditions determine the good progress of all stages of cultivation and are essential for the success of the harvest.

5 – Sustainable practice

The use of mineral items such as dolomitic limestone favors the preservation of natural resources, as it does not cause damage to the environment. This benefit also contributes to good soil condition over time and provides faster post-harvest recovery.

At Brasilminas you will find certified quality dolomitic limestone

In addition to knowing about the importance and benefits of dolomitic limestone for the plantation, it is necessary to count on the maximum quality and performance of this product. For more than 70 years offering solutions that increase productivity in crops throughout Brazil, Brasilminas has consolidated experience in the market.

Agribusiness requires efficiency and speed. Therefore, we constantly invest in innovation. Our mission is to offer the best according to the specific needs of each client. For this, we provide dozens of mineral additives that provide excellent results.

Among these additives is dolomitic limestone. In order to meet exactly the demands of each client, we work with different granulometries. The goal is to facilitate all stages of the production process and generate high gains in productivity.

In addition to mineral additives, we offer a number of enhancement services regarding the supply of our products.

These services are:

  • Crushing;

  • Sifting;

  • Grinding;

  • Micronization;

  • Blends/blends.

Contact us. We will explain details on how dolomitic limestone increases the efficiency of production processes in your field. Ensuring quality and reducing costs is critical to increasing your profitability.

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