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Mineral fertilizers – how do they increase agricultural productivity?

Mineral fertilizers are indispensable for a bountiful harvest. It is through them that the soil acquires the nutrients necessary for the growth and development of the crop.

What are the characteristics of mineral fertilizers?

So-called mineral fertilizers have inorganic compounds and are carbon-free. Therefore, one of the basic characteristics is that they do not cause damage to the environment.

Composed of macro and micronutrients, each type of fertilizer offers essential elements according to the needs of each soil. The balance of these nutrients is what determines agricultural productivity and good soil conditions over time.

Why are mineral fertilizers so important?

Fundamental to guarantee the quality of the soil, mineral fertilizers provide several results. Their set is what makes the crop productive. Let's see.

High supply of nutrients

After a sequence of harvests, it is normal for the soil to show a deficiency of macro and micronutrients. Without them, plants are weak and very susceptible to various problems. At the end of the cultivation, the result is a very low-yielding crop.

Mineral fertilizers act to compensate for the elements lost in previous crops, making the soil regain its productive potential.

Improvement of the physical and chemical conditions of the soil

Soil fertility depends on the physical and chemical conditions it presents. Such conditions are determined by the balance of nutrients.

By replenishing essential elements for soil quality, mineral fertilizers act directly on the physical and chemical properties, making it naturally more productive.

Plant growth and development

Fertilizers of mineral origin provide the soil with all the necessary conditions for the performance of the plantation. At each stage of cultivation, from seed germination to harvesting, each nutrient acts on plant growth and development.

The set of macro and micronutrients contained in mineral fertilizers acts on various organic processes in plants. Some of them are: protein synthesis, photosynthesis and root growth.

Increased seed production

The result of the harvest is linked to the quality of seed production. This is very evident in corn and soybean crops, for example, in which the quantity and quality of grains determine productivity. It is through mineral fertilizer that plants receive from the soil an adequate amount of nutrients that favor plant fertility.

Mineral fertilizers are indispensable for a bountiful harvest. | Shutterstock.

Better tolerance to dry spells

In a country with as many climatic variations as Brazil, several regions are subject to prolonged periods of lack of rain. So that these conditions do not interfere with production, the soil and plants must be strengthened.

The nutrients generated by mineral fertilizers help the soil and plants to withstand periods of drought. This resistance in adverse climatic situations prevents losses during the harvesting stage and protects the soil.

Resistance to pests and diseases

Another type of protection that mineral fertilizers offer the crop is against pests and diseases. When vegetables receive nutrients in adequate amounts, they are naturally more resistant to these problems. An extra advantage is that this protection occurs naturally, without causing damage that harms the soil over time.

How to choose the best mineral fertilizers?

After seeing the benefits that a mineral fertilizer provides, you need to know how to choose the best options. This definition depends on some factors.

Soil characteristics and conditions

When choosing which type of fertilizer to use, it is necessary to be clear about the characteristics of the soil. It is based on this information that it is possible to define the most suitable processes in each situation.

It is also important to analyze soil conditions regarding the availability of macro and micronutrients. Identifying which nutrients are scarce and which are in exaggerated amounts is paramount.

Type of plantation

Each type of plant needs specific conditions for cultivation. When choosing which fertilizer to use, it is important to consider all the details so that the crop develops as expected.

Discover our mineral additives used in the manufacture of fertilizers

In addition to knowing the results offered, it is necessary to have mineral additives that present high performance in the formulation of agricultural fertilizers. Such additives ensure soil fertility and excellent plant development.

For more than 70 years offering products that increase productivity in plantations throughout Brazil, Brasilminas has consolidated experience in the agricultural sector.

Due to the fact that agribusiness changes quickly, it is necessary to constantly innovate to offer the best to producers. This is our mission.

Get in touch with us and find out how mineral additives increase the productive potential at all stages of cultivation.

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