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Calcitic limestone is a rock of sedimentary origin, being Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) with a low magnesium carbonate content, which is why it is classified as “calcitic limestone”, in addition to having a high degree of purity, low insoluble content in HCl, low contaminant content.

Limestone is widely used in agriculture (agricultural corrective to correct soil acidity, manufacture of fertilizers), steelmaking (as a flux in the sintering of iron ore), civil construction (production of mortars, lime, cement, blankets and waterproofing), animal nutrition (source of calcium for supplementation in animal feed for poultry, cattle and pigs), adhesives and sealants, rubber, ceramics, paper, plastics, water and sewage treatment, paints and coatings, etc., which are supplied in white or gray coloring.

Supplied in Granulometry/Mesh: Granulated (on request) and 325 (Filler).


Main applications

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