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Calcite belongs to the carbonate group and is a mineral composed of calcium carbonate CaCO3 and hardness 3 on the Mohs Hardness scale, generally white in color, with excellent whiteness and low absorption of plasticizers, in addition to being a low-cost mineral additive. , enabling it to be used as an additive for the manufacture of foams, rugs, carpets, paints, varnishes, synthetic marble, engineering plastic, waxes, adhesives/sealants, glass, leather, construction, animal nutrition, fertilizers. EVA, PVC, masterbach, wires and cables, household cleaning, and other utilities.

 Granulometry/Mesh: 40, 60, 100, 200, 325, 400, 500, micronized (1,000 mesh) and ultrafine (3,000 mesh).

Adesivo e selantes

Main applications

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