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It is a clay mineral composed mainly of montmorillonite (mineral from the smectite group) which has a swelling power of up to 20 times its initial volume, and this product is supplied in two forms: calcium bentonite (natural bentonite without activation) and activated sodium bentonite (activated with soda ash/sodium carbonate).


Bentonite is used as an ion adsorbent due to its high cation exchange capacity, and is also used: adsorbent, absorbent, thickener, increase thixotropy, change the rheology of systems in suspension, binder, increase resistance to green compression in molding sand system in foundry, etc., being widely used in the ceramic, textile, rubber, electrical/electronic, cosmetic, chemical, oil, civil construction, paper, fertilizer, animal nutrition, paints, agricultural pesticides, animal health, industries. etc.


Supplied in Granulometry/Mesh: 325

Adesivo e selantes

Main applications

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