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It is a hydrated aluminum silicate with a lamellar mineralogical structure composed mainly of muscovite, pyrophyllite and illite, with a white, slightly greenish white or beige color, produced in 200, 325 mesh and micronized.

Agalmatolite is also called “industrial talc”, which is a very versatile mineral additive in terms of its use/application, allowing it to be used in the formulations of adhesives/sealants, agribusiness (vehicle), rubbers, ceramics, civil construction, household cleaning products (sanitizers), waterproofing products, plastics, chemicals and paints.

The algamatolite (Industrial talc) is used in several formulations of the most varied industrial segments to confer different properties such as: matting, washability, dyeing, coverage, anti-caking agent, protective coating, sedimentation control, chemical resistance, lubricant, corrosive protection, etc.

Adesivo e selantes

Main applications

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